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December 29, 2005

I am sitting here at my office waiting for a download to complete. I am attempting to get an Ipod to work. It was a Christmas gift.

First try of downloading didn't work. No clue as to why of course. Updated the software. Appeared to work. Tried to download music. New message “Not compatible with software just downloaded”. Need to update Ipod. So here I sit.

It would be easy to complain that life has gotten way too complicated. However, if I said that than I would also to have to say I need to go out and feed the horse. Because if things didn't get more complicated, there wouldn't be a whole lot of the luxuries that we have today. In fact this message would be nothing but a bunch of dots and dashes. So things are just fine.

Maybe difficult at times but I'd rather be here now than been there when times were simple. I like being able to send emails and text messages to people. But couldn't things just be a little simpler.