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February 08, 2006

Febuary 8, 2006

I am about to begin training for my 4 th marathon. A task that I look forward to with great expectations and great anxiety. My biggest hope is that I avoid another injury like last years stress fracture.

Running 26.2 miles is not as much of a daunting event as people think. Well maybe to run it in under 3 hours is but to run it at my speed it is not. Of course if you try it without preparation than it would be daunting. However that's no different than jumping into a pool and swimming the length of the pool. If you don't practice you will not make to the end. Not much different than just living a normal life when you think about it.

People ask me how I can run for hours and not be bored. I usually ask those people how they can keep whacking a little white ball for hours and not be bored. Running is just like everything else, pretty much what one wants it to be.

On my runs I have serious discussions about a whole gambit of stuff. Heck I have solved so many world problems while running that we might just want to get rid of the UN and broadcast my discussions. Than there are my conversations with the people who are in the heavens above. Those conversations usually occur towards the end of my runs and I need strength to finish. It's nice to have people who I can rely on. The one good thing about the conversations is that they are quite intelligent conversations.

Then there is all the stuff to see and observe while I am out running. The shapes and conditions of the various road kill can be fascinating. Occasionally I see some nifty landscaping ideas in case I get the urge to do that rather than run. Once in a while I see a pretty sight along the road and than I remember the pretty one at home. There are an infinite number of things to see.

So when I tell you I am going to go for a run just nod and say have a good one. No need to say enjoy it because that will be a given. Feel free to join me anytime as long as you think you can keep up. I am not talking speed; I am talking about intelligent conversation.

Have a good day.