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April 30, 2006

Rain Drops Falling On My Head

The rainy season is upon us here in Minnesota. I dodged the rain yesterday for my six mile run. Today I wasnít so lucky. The big difference was yesterdayís run was only 50 minutes and todayís was 3 hours.

In all the times that I have trained for a marathon there has been occasions of doubts about being able to complete the doggone thing. As I started yesterday's run my right leg seemed like it had a cast on it just below the knee. Oh great this is just what I need, I thought. Although it worked itself out, I could only think about the next dayís daunting scheduled 18 mile run. There was no way that I would be able to run that far. If I wouldnít be able to do the long run my whole training program would be out of whack. With the program out of whack, no way am I going to be able to get it done.

Throughout the rest of yesterday afternoon and night I kept thinking and worrying about todayís run. My plan was to get up early and give it a try. Alarm went off at 6:30. I checked the weather outside and it was frightening and no Rudolph to guide my sleigh. Oops wrong story. It was raining, blowing and the temp was 39 degrees. I went back to bed. I figured I would run it when I got home later in the day. We left my father in laws place and headed for home. During the ride home I would stretch and turn my right leg as best as I could just to check if it was ok. A few twinges here and there. I was still unsure about being able to complete the run.

I started thinking well I could cut the run short and just add a little on to the weeks coming up. I kept thinking well I should be okay if I get at least 12 but I will shoot for 16. My thoughts did not sit very well with me and was doing little to calm the doubts.

Okay I got to do this run. My thought was if I canít run the whole thing Iíll walk as far as I have to get in 18. I had it planned that I would run an 8.5 loop starting at the house. That would give me a chance to change shirts and replenish my Gatorade. The plan was set so off I go. Right away the right leg wasnít quite right. I had to tell myself to run and see if we can get it to loosen up.

Sure enough the leg started feeling like normal and all was good. There was no rain just a slight breeze at least I thought I felt a breeze on my back. My plan was to drink on the run and I did just that at 2 mile intervals. For the most part the run went very well. The slight breeze was a little more than I thought. When I turned into it was a good breeze. It had not rained at all yet. However now that I am running into the wind it starts to rain. Not very hard but the wind is blowing it right into my face. Okay Mother Nature this is not funny and this goose crap on the trail is not funny either. Donít get me wrong I like geese but not on my running trail please. I finished the loop and picked up two new bottles of Gatorade and passed on changing shirts. I did finish all 18 on the run and yes it was all good.

What doubts? I donít recall having any doubts. Piece of cake. I keep hearing voices. I might have to have that checked out.

Training goes on.

April 28, 2006

Baseball Auction

My fantasy baseball seems to be living up to its team name, AAA. For non baseball people one level of the minor leagues is called Triple A.

Since I have no clue on Ebay nor do I have an account, I am holding an auction on this site. I am looking to sell the entire team however if no one wants all the slugs for my minimum price, individuals could be sold to the highest bidder.

Whole Team, minimum bid $42.50

If the minimum bid is not obtained, individual players will be sold to highest bidder.

Gary Sheffeld, NY, OF
Michael Young, TX, SS
Chone Figgins, ANA, everywhere
Jason Giambi, NYY, 1B

Jake Peavy, SD, SP
Johan Santana, MN, SP
Joe Nathan, MN, RP
Matt Morris, SP SF

Place bids by clicking on the word comments below.

Auction closes at 8:30am, Monday, May 1

Good Luck.

April 27, 2006

Steady as she goes

Just as I said in my prior post,the plan for last night was to have a nice dinner with the whole family minus one (flyboy). Deb made an old family favorite, creamed peas w/toast, and for her spoiled son she made mac & cheese. It was an event worthy of a Visa commercial, a nice quiet family dinner, Priceless!

Of course there was entertainment with dinner too. With a one year old grandson you canít help but be entertained. There were the moments that are funny but you donít want him to know itís funny. Mom and Dad did a pretty good job at letting him know throwing food on the floor wasnít the right thing to do and than pretending like he was going to do it wasnít proper either. As Grandpa, Grandma and Auntie did their darndest to not laugh out loud. Definitely have our hands full with that boy.

I did get out later and do an easy 5 mile run. My legs were still feeling the effects of the speed work from the day before. I made the decision earlier to swap my scheduled long run for the easy run. That means tonight I have a 10 miler to do.

On my agenda for tonight is to try to drink on the run. During my events and training runs I walk as I drink fluids. Thought maybe to help my total time I will work on drinking while on the run. Sure hope I donít choke.

April 26, 2006

Speed almost kills

Uffda! Speed work.

Okay last night I started this speed work thing. Today my legs are letting me know that work was involved. I think that is a good thing. I believe they call it no pain no gain.

The six miles I did last night was my quickest 6 for quite sometime. I completed the six miles in 55 minutes. Although some people finish a half marathon just about that fast, I am quite proud of getting it done at that pace. I even ran an 8:15 mile. Some people may have lapped me and finished 2 miles. However I would have most likely tripped them so itís a good thing for them not too have been in my neighborhood. The best thing about it was I really enjoyed it.

On tap for tonight is dinner with the kids and grandkids. That will be followed by a nice easy 5 miler.

April 24, 2006

G'Ma's Training update

Ten weeks of training are now under my belt. All things considered the program is working well. There are 8 more weeks to go.

Only a few minor scares along the way to this point. There was the slip on the ice back in February. I was able to stop my fall with my hands and kept the knees from getting smacked. I found a few potholes while running in the dark. The only real pain issue was during one of my 16 mile runs. I had a real sharp pain in my back however that seems to have been an isolated event. Thatís pretty much it as far as issues.

This upcoming week I will begin working on speed a little bit. The plan calls for me to run real hard for 2 minutes than jog for 1 minute six times during the run. Up to now I have been building up a good base that should have provided me with the strength to push myself through this part of the program. Speed work is a bit harder on the legs so hopefully by going through the building base portion, Iíll get through it just as well as my prior weeks.

At this point of the program I will be running longer runs for my midweek run and the end of the week run. This week's mid run is scheduled to be 10 and than an 18 on the weekend. A 20 miler is on the schedule for the following week. On the last weekend of May a run of 22 miles is going to be my longest run of the program.

My running routes have been in a variety of venues and terrain. The majority of the short runs are in the city of Champlin of course. Although I can vary those runs a little bit for a change of pace. My longer runs have been around the country side up at the lake, along the north shore of Lake Superior, through a local park reserve and most recently around the lakes of Minneapolis. I have enjoyed them all.

However you do it, run, bike or walk, get out there and enjoy the outdoors.

April 21, 2006

My take on Poll Numbers

If someone was to say disparaging things about me and than others continue, what do you think would happen. Most likely people allover would start saying things about me that wouldnít be all that positive. Even though there were some good things happening around me but no one says anything about those things would I have a chance. Not likely

That is exactly what is happening to President Bush. I am open enough to say yes he has made mistakes but letís not overlook all the positives. Despite taking on an economy that was tanking at the start of his presidency and than that fateful day of Sept 11, things have gotten a whole lot better in the US of A. The main stream media has no problem announcing any statistic that would make the President look bad, while they ignore the positive statistics. For example they refer to the tax cuts however have we heard that the tax revenues are higher than ever before. Another example is job creation. During the 04 campaign the press and others hyped the loss of jobs. Now that more jobs have been created do we hear anything about that statistics anymore? How about the fact that more Americans own more homes now than ever before. I simply wish the media could be totally honest. I simply would like to see and hear the reports on the negatives and also the positives.

From some what I see, hear and read I would think the country was mired in a recession or a depression. That is quite far from reality. Sure there are some people out there that are worse off now than before. However there are people out there that are better off today than before. Life is a roller coaster and no body says itís going to be an easy ride. Because we live in the land of opportunity anyone worse off today has the ability to turn that around provided they take on some personal responsibility.

In absence of what I see as across the board reporting I discount the poll numbers quite significantly. Some day, hopefully in my grandchildrenís lifetime, honest reporting will become a reality. When that happens, people will be able to make informed decisions.

April 17, 2006


I am on my way to Grandmas house. No thatís not right. I am on my way to Grandmaís Marathon. Thatís better

I have been following the Dick Beardsley Intermediate Training Guide. Well for the most part anyways. The program mixes in short runs, long runs, hill workouts and starting next week speed workouts. Enough variety to keep things interesting.

Up to this point I have had only one setback. I suffered from a cold which in turn became Bronchitis. That resulted in missing one week. I managed to catch up to the schedule in the next week and half. There have been a few minor aches and pains. Talking a few Advil has been able to take of that stuff.

To this point I have logged just a bit over 200 miles over the last 9 weeks. Longest run to date is 18 miles. The longest run of 22 comes on Memorial weekend. Pace isnít quite up to the speed that I hope to get to. Right now I would say I am at about a 9:45 pace.

There are phases to this training that build up the legs to be strong enough to go 26.2. The program starts out with building a base of runs that enables you to run 6 miles with ease. After the base is developed you start doing some hill training. Hill training is more than just running up a hill, you run hard up the hill. Following that there are some speed work sessions. Speed work is sprinting or running hard for a 440 or 880 than a brief rest and repeats. You will do 4 to 8 reps of the distance you choose. After all that you should be able to be a marathoner.

I have now passed the halfway point in the training. I am pleased with my progress. Iíll keep you posted.