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Pick up the Pace

Iím not talking about salsa here. The pace that I am talking about is my running pace.

My best marathon run (PR in runner talk) is 4:37, which calculates to about 11 minutes per mile. That is the pace that I am looking to pick up. I am hoping to get closer to 4:20 this time around.

As I mentioned in a prior ramble I managed an exact 10:00 mile pace for 18 miles. That is what will be required to get to a 4:20 marathon. The problem was my latter miles were slowing a bit. I was at about a 9:50 pace for the first 9 miles and than about 10:10 for the final 9.

A couple of things are going to have to happen in order for me to pick up the pace. Well maybe three. Probably the easier of the two is to train hard. I am finding the training to be not as bad as my prior training programs. I started the program in better shape. The second thing is I hope to drop at least 5 more pounds. That would make me almost stealth like. Well maybe not stealth but lighter anyways. The maybe three is a huge tailwind. The first two are under my control.