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Another one bites the dust

Today I am 49 years young. Damn near 5 decades old. I figure I might be close to half way based upon my grandmother who just turned 97.

I donít care much for being on the eve of the change over from one decade to another. I felt that way when I was 29 and 39 too. When someone asks my age and I reply 49 they will now say oh the big 50 is coming next. Like I didnít already know that. Maybe Iíll just beat them to the punch and say just a hair short of 50.

I will say for the most part all 49 years have been very good. I donít much remember the first 5. The next 10 are pretty much a blur. However from 15 to now I remember pretty well. That might have something to do with the fact I met my wonderful bride that year. Certainly my life made a big turn for the better that year.

As I look forward I plan on enjoying the next 50 as much as the first.