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What gives?

In 2004 the news was all about the millions of jobs lost under President Bushís first term. How the economy was failing and that we were heading for as bad of times as the ďGreat DepressionĒ. I canít seem to find anything in the news about those problems now.

In fact you hear very little about the economy in the news. I wonder why?

Today the unemployment is lower than itís ever been. More people own homes than ever before. The pace of new jobs created in a two year period is the highest for quite sometime. The stock market has rebounded and hit record highs. The average wage of workers has increased. Guess what folks, things are better.

Amazing isnít it that President Bush was completely at fault for the loss of jobs the stock market tanking and everything that goes with that. So tell me why he is not being given the praise for a turn around? Donít be afraid to comment I really want to know.

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