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Not your average run

On Saturday I will be running a half marathon near a small town named Nerstrand MN. The starting point and sponsor of this race is a quaint little country church. Basically it is the middle of nowhere.

This half marathon is not the typical road run. It is a trail run. The title of the race is the ďBig Woods RunĒ. We are talking trees higher than one would expect to see unless you were in the Big Reds of California. A very beautiful course.

I ran this event back in 2005 and managed to run it in personal record time. It is still my personal record. I am not expecting to beat this time around.

What makes this run special is the fact that you leave a county road and enter into the trails through the park. Itís like in the cartoons where you step into a whole different world. The whole thing is kind of serene for about 10 miles. I really didnít feel the effects of running for the 10 miles that I was on the trials. I was too much in awe of this world that was so peaceful. It was a bit anticlimactic when I came out and was back on a county road. I so wanted to go back.

So on Saturday I will be checking out of the hectic and busy world that I live. It will only be for about an hour and a half. I will certainly enjoy that time to its fullest.

You can count on a full report.


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