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Rest time is over

Itís time to regroup and get moving once again. I rested my tired old body through the most of the week. This week I will be preparing more for the bike ride of my next event than running.

I did get out for a couple of rides on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was the first time I did any exercise at all since my Marathon on the Saturday before. It was a leisurely bike ride that included pulling a trailer with my grandsons aboard. Saturdays ride was about 10 miles of easy hills but a bit of breeze slowed me up during part of it. Sunday I did 16 miles of hard riding that included some pretty good sized hills. All in all it felt really good to get out again.

One thing I did learn is that sure are different muscles used for bike riding. The old body was a little sore and wobbly later in the day on Sunday. After taking a week off from exercise the body was a bit soft.

This week will include some runs and some hard bike rides. One major focus will be running after riding the bike for many miles. That is the most difficult thing to do for the duathlon that I will be doing on July 6th. After this week it will be running as I did while I trained for Grandmaís marathon.

So on to the next adventure I will go.


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