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Week 17: The end is near

Yes the end is near. In less than a week I will hopefully have completed my 6th Grandmas Marathon. 17 weeks of training is now behind me.

This week I logged 25 miles in my journal. For the year I am 4.4 miles short of 600 miles. This weekís miles prior to Saturday will not be a lot but it will get me over the 600 mile mark.

As in other weeks I had a bad run and a good run this week. It happens so often that a bad run is followed up by good runs. Sometimes I think my body has a mind of itís own and just likes to mess with me. Maybe itís some angels like my grandpa and brother who are responsible for toying with me. Heaven forbid I take running for granted.

The 10.2 I did on Tuesday was difficult to get through. I struggled through the first four miles and than a spectator give me a little boost. A young buck happened to come out of the woods. We had a stare down as I slowly ran towards him. It was when I got within about twenty yards that I could see he was a buck. At about ten yards he just simply moved into the ditch and stood there as I passed by. Had it not been for that little boost I might have thrown in the towel. That little pick me up kept me going to get close enough that I knew I could finish it. It wasnít pretty but I survived.

Today I ran 8 miles and all went quite well. I had opportunities for it not to go well. It was windy. It was hot. It was hilly. I could have blamed a poor run on any one of those. I didnít need too. I finished under a 10 minute pace. The last mile was tied for 2nd quickest pace for the 8 miles. So heck all is well and still quite optimistic about having a good time this coming Saturday.

Hopefully my next post will be letting you know I finished another 26.2 miles. My main goal is do just that. Finish! Donít know if I will beat my best but I do know that I will run the best I can on that day.

See you at the end.


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