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Just not the same

Will the day ever come when people say enough is enough and stop paying attention to sports? Will there ever be loyalty to a team or fan base ever again? Will a family ever be able to go to a sporting event that costs (4 tickets, hot dog, coke, cotton candy and parking) less than a weeks a pay?

Brett Favre and Manny Ramierz are the latest individuals to further erode the opinion that loyalty to teams, fans and the game matter. When I was a youth 90% of the players on the local teams (Vikings, Twins, North Stars) were on the team from when I was 6 until I was 16. There were no such things as free agents in those days. Players and fans gave their hearts and souls to each other. Now itís pretty much just individuals playing for them and the fan is pretty much just as it says in the dictionary, a spectator.

I am not that naive to say the problem is just the players. The owners have certainly shown there greed is insatiable as well. Owners hold cities hostage in order to get nice new stadiums. Some owners in order to satisfy their ego pay asinine salaries to individuals to win championships. The owners have certainly played a major role in destroying the integrity of sports being abut team spirit and loyalty.

Itís too bad that things cannot be as there once were. That can be said pretty much about everything these days. So I guess I should accept that sports have deteriorated. I just wish I didnít have too.


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