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What was I thinking?

It all stated I think sometime in back in February of this year. I was scanning the recent edition of Runners World. I came across an article about the 10 best new marathons. One in particular caught my attention. It was called the Hamptons which is run out on Long Island in New York.

In looking at the marathon I was thinking hey I have relatives on Long Island. I was thinking hey they only allow 1500 runners thatís a nice small number. I was thinking hey itís on a Saturday so I can be back to work on Monday after resting on Sunday. I was thinking hey I know someone who might want to run it with me. I was thinking hey what the heck why not. I think too much.

Obviously I wasnít thinking about Minnesota summers. By February we have pretty much forgotten about warm temps of yesteryear. We are just looking forward to a couple of days in a row with wind chills above 0. When I go out to run in February I have about 5 layers of clothes on for Peteís sake. Oh what have I got myself into?

One thing you need to know if itís above 72 degrees I want to crank up the air conditioning. Pretty much now itís just about 72 degrees when I get up. Ugh! Right now itís midnight and itís 68 degrees. Thatís about 18 degrees above good sleeping weather. I still have two weeks of July and 4 weeks of August to go yet. I should buy some stock in Coppertone.

Despite the heat I managed to get in 25 miles this week. Next week should get a bit closer to 30 I think. After that I will get up past 35 and try for 40 in mid August. O I think I am going to dreaming for a white Labor Day.

Till next week please send cool air my way.



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