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A bigger challenge

Many think running a marathon is a challenge that only a few could ever do. I can tell you from experience that running a marathon may be challenging but it can be accomplished by many. I find it more challenging to find the time to train than the actual running the thing. It takes commitment and discipline to make it.

A far greater challenge that lies before me now is the battle of the bulge. I am fat. Experts say I am obese but I donít see myself at that point. There is no doubt that I need to lose weight. The battle is on.

A little over four years ago I went into this very same battle. At that time I weighed 226 and change. I waged a good fight in that battle. I didnít reach my goal but I did lose just a bit over 33 pounds in that battle. I sort of lost sight of the goal because I felt comfortable in the low 190ís and lost my focus. I kind of called it a truce at that point.

Over the next couple of years the pounds have ever so gently crept back just above the waist line. Not all of it but 20 pounds or so. The bottom line is 213 and change. Despite the fact that I knew it was coming back and I didnít want it back I just couldnít find the desire to stop it. Oh I would give a fight for a couple of days but thatís all I could muster just a couple of days. Therefore I am going to embark on a challenge that I think is much tougher than running a marathon.

As I did years back I swallowed my pride and went to Weight Watchers (WW). I have to face the fact that I am weak. I need outside help to conquer this challenge. I needed it four years ago and it was successful. There comes a time when one needs to look in the mirror and say ďman you need to do something about thatĒ. Itís my time.

In addition to WW keeping me accountable, I will post my struggles here as well. Knowing that everyone who follows my blog (about 3 or 4 I think) will be checking on me should help me stay focused. Surely I do not want to post that I gained 5 pounds in one week. I certainly would appreciate some feed back once in awhile and anyone who wants to join me in losing some poundage certainly can post their results as a comment. The good thing is you can do it anonymously. The challenge is set, I am ready.

For the record my goal by the way is 189. I hope to achieve that goal by June 1, 2009. Following that I hope to lose another 3 to 5 pounds to allow myself some room to fluctuate in the 180ís.

Challenge accepted!


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