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23 miles

I did my long run this past Sunday (yesterday, Sept 16). It went well. Here was my week...

After my 21 mile run, I took Monday off. I ran 8 on Tue, 6 each on wed and thur in NYC Central Park, then 8 on Friday. I was really tired and a little sore, so I took Saturday off (but went to the gym and swam). I woke up Sunday and drove the route to put out water. I then ran and was going to do 24 but got my mileage wrong and only ran 23. Not a big deal I guess since I felt pretty good while running. I think I can do the marathon.

So I took today off since sore and legs are tired. I will resume tomorrow.

I ordered Gu and Clif Shots from Amazon. It is a lot cheaper than buying one by one. They work for me. I found that I needed less of them this past Sunday.

I have really started to change my diet. More pasta and carbs. Less fatty foods.

It's weird how some people wave when running. I find that more people, other runnings I mean, wave on the weekends than during the week.

My route, no matter where I go, is very hilly. This is going to help I hope. Its weird but I find it easier on my long runs because it changes the muscles I end up using.

I can't wear my ipod during the MCM, which I am a little worried about. I abosultely need it for my long training runs, but people tell me the excitement of the marathon will keep me entertained.

I am about 5 weeks away and on track.


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