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October 31, 2005

For quite sometime now I have been trying to figure out what happened to personal responsibility. It seems that no one is to blame for things except corporate America and the government. Why is that?

You spill coffee in your lap and it's the restaurant's fault for making the coffee hot. You pick up a lawnmower to trim a hedge and it's the manufacturers fault your fingers got cutoff. It certainly can't be your fault because you're an idiot, can it?

Never mind that the you have days of warnings to get out of town or stock up on supplies prior to a hurricane coming ashore. Heck I'm sure the government can be there instantaneously to build me a house or bring some ice. No, never mind that you're an idiot, just blame the government.

There is no more of that take charge attitude that are forefathers had. When I talk about the forefathers, I'm not talking about pioneer days. I am talking about the all the years through the about the 70's. The decline begin slowly from then on. With the sharpest decline coming over the last decade. I am extremely concerned that too many Americans have succumbed to
the notion that others will take care of me.

My hope is that at some point good citizens of this country see the light and then a change may came about. We need inform the people that are promoting the entitlements and handouts that it needs to stop. It's time for everyone to begin to take responsibility upon themselves. I believe there are still enough people out there do get things changed and we better have the take charge to do it.