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November 9, 2005

Now that the off year elections are over, the 2006 campaigns will be starting up full throttle. We will be subjected to accusations and half truths from now until November 2006. Oh joy.

I hope that one of these years the issues will be discussed a little bit more. Although that will not happen until the democrats can have some type of a message. It's tough to discuss issues when the only issue from the democrats is that they hate republicans.

Currently we have the democrats running around screaming that the Iraq war was wrong, Saddam wasn't a threat and we never should have gone to war. Funny that's not what they said in 1998 and again in 2000. Then in 2002 most of them voted to give the president the authority to attack because Saddam was a danger. I don't know about you but they sure have me confused.

Well I do have to admit there is one issue that the dems promote quite vigorously. That issue is to take money from the successful person to give to people who choose not to make a better life for themselves.

It seems obvious that the rich have all the money so let's tax them more. Heck they can afford it right. Maybe they have to forgo that trip to the Bahamas or wherever rich people go. Guess what people? They aren't going to forgo that trip. In order to make up for higher taxes the businessman is going to raise prices. That my friend is inflation. Consumers will buy less creating an economic slow down that we haven't seen since the Carter years. The rich will still be rich and the poor will be poorer.

The time has come for everyone to become responsible for their own destiny. I have witnessed first hand on how a person can make it despite adversity and a person who has chosen to be poor. Although that person has recently shown signs of seeing that life can be better and has taken a step in that direction. I wish him well. I myself overcame some adversity and chose to make a better life for my family. Provided you want to work for it, it can be done .

Feel free to respond by email to erksnfmly.com. One thing about this country, despite our social status we are entitled to our opinions. If you disagree with me, so be it. I will not be offended nor will it cause me any stress. Good Luck