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Baseball Auction

My fantasy baseball seems to be living up to its team name, AAA. For non baseball people one level of the minor leagues is called Triple A.

Since I have no clue on Ebay nor do I have an account, I am holding an auction on this site. I am looking to sell the entire team however if no one wants all the slugs for my minimum price, individuals could be sold to the highest bidder.

Whole Team, minimum bid $42.50

If the minimum bid is not obtained, individual players will be sold to highest bidder.

Gary Sheffeld, NY, OF
Michael Young, TX, SS
Chone Figgins, ANA, everywhere
Jason Giambi, NYY, 1B

Jake Peavy, SD, SP
Johan Santana, MN, SP
Joe Nathan, MN, RP
Matt Morris, SP SF

Place bids by clicking on the word comments below.

Auction closes at 8:30am, Monday, May 1

Good Luck.


Yeah, yeah, you're just layin' in the weeds!! And, I know it's hard to believe that Fuentes is gonna lead the league in saves, but, you heard it here first!

PS...I didn't know anyone could write that much about running!