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Steady as she goes

Just as I said in my prior post,the plan for last night was to have a nice dinner with the whole family minus one (flyboy). Deb made an old family favorite, creamed peas w/toast, and for her spoiled son she made mac & cheese. It was an event worthy of a Visa commercial, a nice quiet family dinner, Priceless!

Of course there was entertainment with dinner too. With a one year old grandson you canít help but be entertained. There were the moments that are funny but you donít want him to know itís funny. Mom and Dad did a pretty good job at letting him know throwing food on the floor wasnít the right thing to do and than pretending like he was going to do it wasnít proper either. As Grandpa, Grandma and Auntie did their darndest to not laugh out loud. Definitely have our hands full with that boy.

I did get out later and do an easy 5 mile run. My legs were still feeling the effects of the speed work from the day before. I made the decision earlier to swap my scheduled long run for the easy run. That means tonight I have a 10 miler to do.

On my agenda for tonight is to try to drink on the run. During my events and training runs I walk as I drink fluids. Thought maybe to help my total time I will work on drinking while on the run. Sure hope I donít choke.