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G'Ma's Training update

Ten weeks of training are now under my belt. All things considered the program is working well. There are 8 more weeks to go.

Only a few minor scares along the way to this point. There was the slip on the ice back in February. I was able to stop my fall with my hands and kept the knees from getting smacked. I found a few potholes while running in the dark. The only real pain issue was during one of my 16 mile runs. I had a real sharp pain in my back however that seems to have been an isolated event. Thatís pretty much it as far as issues.

This upcoming week I will begin working on speed a little bit. The plan calls for me to run real hard for 2 minutes than jog for 1 minute six times during the run. Up to now I have been building up a good base that should have provided me with the strength to push myself through this part of the program. Speed work is a bit harder on the legs so hopefully by going through the building base portion, Iíll get through it just as well as my prior weeks.

At this point of the program I will be running longer runs for my midweek run and the end of the week run. This week's mid run is scheduled to be 10 and than an 18 on the weekend. A 20 miler is on the schedule for the following week. On the last weekend of May a run of 22 miles is going to be my longest run of the program.

My running routes have been in a variety of venues and terrain. The majority of the short runs are in the city of Champlin of course. Although I can vary those runs a little bit for a change of pace. My longer runs have been around the country side up at the lake, along the north shore of Lake Superior, through a local park reserve and most recently around the lakes of Minneapolis. I have enjoyed them all.

However you do it, run, bike or walk, get out there and enjoy the outdoors.


Hi Tim i like the running prayer!