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My take on Poll Numbers

If someone was to say disparaging things about me and than others continue, what do you think would happen. Most likely people allover would start saying things about me that wouldnít be all that positive. Even though there were some good things happening around me but no one says anything about those things would I have a chance. Not likely

That is exactly what is happening to President Bush. I am open enough to say yes he has made mistakes but letís not overlook all the positives. Despite taking on an economy that was tanking at the start of his presidency and than that fateful day of Sept 11, things have gotten a whole lot better in the US of A. The main stream media has no problem announcing any statistic that would make the President look bad, while they ignore the positive statistics. For example they refer to the tax cuts however have we heard that the tax revenues are higher than ever before. Another example is job creation. During the 04 campaign the press and others hyped the loss of jobs. Now that more jobs have been created do we hear anything about that statistics anymore? How about the fact that more Americans own more homes now than ever before. I simply wish the media could be totally honest. I simply would like to see and hear the reports on the negatives and also the positives.

From some what I see, hear and read I would think the country was mired in a recession or a depression. That is quite far from reality. Sure there are some people out there that are worse off now than before. However there are people out there that are better off today than before. Life is a roller coaster and no body says itís going to be an easy ride. Because we live in the land of opportunity anyone worse off today has the ability to turn that around provided they take on some personal responsibility.

In absence of what I see as across the board reporting I discount the poll numbers quite significantly. Some day, hopefully in my grandchildrenís lifetime, honest reporting will become a reality. When that happens, people will be able to make informed decisions.