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I am on my way to Grandmas house. No thatís not right. I am on my way to Grandmaís Marathon. Thatís better

I have been following the Dick Beardsley Intermediate Training Guide. Well for the most part anyways. The program mixes in short runs, long runs, hill workouts and starting next week speed workouts. Enough variety to keep things interesting.

Up to this point I have had only one setback. I suffered from a cold which in turn became Bronchitis. That resulted in missing one week. I managed to catch up to the schedule in the next week and half. There have been a few minor aches and pains. Talking a few Advil has been able to take of that stuff.

To this point I have logged just a bit over 200 miles over the last 9 weeks. Longest run to date is 18 miles. The longest run of 22 comes on Memorial weekend. Pace isnít quite up to the speed that I hope to get to. Right now I would say I am at about a 9:45 pace.

There are phases to this training that build up the legs to be strong enough to go 26.2. The program starts out with building a base of runs that enables you to run 6 miles with ease. After the base is developed you start doing some hill training. Hill training is more than just running up a hill, you run hard up the hill. Following that there are some speed work sessions. Speed work is sprinting or running hard for a 440 or 880 than a brief rest and repeats. You will do 4 to 8 reps of the distance you choose. After all that you should be able to be a marathoner.

I have now passed the halfway point in the training. I am pleased with my progress. Iíll keep you posted.