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Mind over matter

Occasionally running long distances becomes just as much a mental struggle as a physical struggle. There are times were you need to convince yourself that you can overcome little annoyances. After being out there awhile all kinds of thoughts can go through a persons mind.

While training for a marathon you need to train mentally as well. I did just that last night. Even though my legs felt lethargic and my shoes felt like lead weights I knew I needed to complete a long run. I just couldn’t let my body dictate me to turn around and shorten the run. My head needed to take over the run.

There are a number of things that I do to take my thoughts away from running. Generally I first solve the world problems. I think about what I would do if I was in charge of the world. After the little aches and pains overcome my problem solving, I may start to think about what I will do with my lottery winnings. Once the lottery winnings spent I may than reach out to those who are no longer physically on earth but still very much in my heart. That’s a few of the things I use to get my way past difficult times.

A quote that I read once went something like this “There are no atheists at mile 23” The author of the quote (I don’t remember) goes on contemplating how many promises are made with our maker during a marathon. I know I have made a few.