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Always Mine

Spending quality time with your children is priceless. Even when your children are grownups spending time with them is a blessing. The prior two days I got to spend time with both of my children.

It was basically two kids, two days and two hospitals. Yes thatís right two hospitals. Both of my kids went to hospitals with some kind of infections in two consecutive days. They called and without hesitation I jumped.

My dear sonís day was Thursday morning. Phone rings at about 5:45 or so. Daughter in law letting us know that they are at Mercy hospital. The boy has a had a fever of over 102 for quite sometime. Denise had to be to work at 6:30 and get things started than she would be able to come back. She wanted someone to be with Andy while he was there. Of course I was more than happy to be there.

Once they gave him some fluids and antibiotics he began to get better. All is well at this time.

Than on Friday at 6:20 am the phone rings and itís my dear daughter calling to tell us she was going to the hospital. Not necessarily to have a baby but because she is sick morning. Son in law was in Oregon or Washington doing hi pilot thing. Without hesitation I said I am on my way. I was out of the house within 10 minutes and speeding down the highway. The normal 2 hour 15 minute drive took 2 hours. We spent the better part of the day together. Son in law got into Duluth about 2:30

It appears a viral bug has taken up residency. Baby and Kara are doing fine.

In the meantime this Dad is beaming. My children are my treasures and being able to still lend them comfort makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I am blessed.


Glad to hear all is well. Nothing worse then getting a call about someone you love heading to the hospital. Especially when one is 9 months pregnant.