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Has a nice ring to it.

This chapter in my life is going to be wonderful. The chapter I am talking about is being a grandpa. It has already brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined.

My grandson who is now over 16 months old is as rambunctious as any boy could be. Sean has given me all kinds of opportunities to smile. I enjoy trying to teach him things such as the animals and how to spit. Sean loves to climb and inspect everything around him. I canít help but look forward to the days when he and I can explore the wilderness.

Even though my granddaughter is just over a week old, she has also given me the opportunity to smile. First of all she is as cute as cute can be. Mira is quite content with her world at the moment. I have enjoyed holding her and just observing her as she stretches and looks all around. I anticipate she and I will spend a lot of time together.

Life is good.