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Enough Already

Once again the media has decided to try and undermine our efforts against terrorism. Their hatred towards President Bush has made the chief editors irrational. I believe they should be arrested and jailed for treason.

The latest if you havenít heard is the reviewing of financial transactions of suspected terrorist related parties. The premise being if you find the source of the funds you can than cut it off. Sounds to me like a good plan.

This recent attempt to create a scandal will no doubt take the same path as the alleged phone record scandal. We will see that the majority of Americans will not have a problem with this. Those that hate George Bush will. By next week it will be forgotten and the media will be looking for something new to throw against the wall.

At some point of time you would think after beating their heads against so many walls they would stop. I am afraid itís going to continue for another couple of my years though. Some just like to beat themselves up.