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People watching

Four days to the fourth running of Grandmaís Marathon. Saturday canít come soon enough. Clearly it is on my mind. Over the next few days Iíll try to describe what I have experienced in my three prior runnings of Grandmaís Marathon.

The sights and sounds of running this marathon are incredible. At the starting area the group of runners heads up a slight incline. The incline gives a person a view of a sea of runners that stretches for what seems like a mile. The buzz from the participants is like that of a swarm of mosquitoes. You see runners that appear to be fine tuned athletes to runners much like me, a bit out of shape and trying to stay upright to the finish line. All of the sights and sounds of the runners helps pull me along the way.

There is quite a diversity of runners and running styles. You have the floppers, the swingers, the smooth as silk and all in between. The floppers are the people whose feet must weigh 10 pounds or more. Sounds like a heard of Clydesdale coming by. The swingers are those whose arms and head are going to and fro. A smooth and silk runner is one who silently passes you and looks like the whole thing is effortless. Along with the styles than you have the ages that range from teens to 80 or better. I sure hope I look as good as those 80 year olds when I reach 70. I have yet to see a runner with a Mohawk but I am sure that will be coming soon.

Thereís even more interesting stuff to tell you about.