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At the foothills

In 5 days I will embark on my 4th marathon trek. I donít care if it is a clichť, they donít get any easier. I am not quite as nervous as I was for my first but my mind will be occupied with the task coming up.

I am often asked why I do it. To be honest I ask myself that several times during training. I canít even give myself an answer really. The only answer I come up with is I lack of discipline. I like to run and signing up for a marathon forces me to run.

So why do I like to run? I can tell you itís not just for the health benefits. I guess the reason why is that I often find running to be a peaceful time. Itís an opportunity to escape reality for a small time period and be by myself. I get the opportunity to realize how beautiful nature is, to see the diversity that life brings us and a chance to visit with the people I loved that are no longer on earth. Thatís pretty much why I run.

I am looking forward to this event very much. I have been for well over a year. I was quite disappointed that I wasnít able to run last year. My primary goal is to finish the marathon. It would be nice to complete the entire marathon in 4:30 minutes however if I go over 5 hours so be it. I will get it done.