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So long good buddy

Time for me to say good bye to a trusty companion. This companion has been with me for about 26 years or so. We have spent some great moments together. I can only blame myself for losing her.

My canoe rack broke in route to bringing her home from my father-in-laws for an upcoming camping trip. When I put her up I was a bit leery about the rack. I gave it the shake test and it seemed sturdy. It wasnít a pretty sight. Seeing her all bent out of shape like that was tough on this old guy. Years ago she had survived a near fatal accident on a river run but it wasnít in the cards for her this time.

A lot of miles and time were spent in my trusty old friend. Other than the spill on the Cloquet River years ago, wasnít her fault alcohol was involved, she never dumped me. We fished hard and easy many times. We hunted together just about every year. There was never any doubt that my canoe would bring me home safe and dry.

Now I have to go out and try to find a replacement. I made a brief check tonight at a Gander Mountain store. Found out they make canoes with built in cup holders. Unbelievable! When I bought my canoe years ago it was either aluminum or fiberglass. Today canoes are made out of several types of materials. They weigh about as light as a feather to more than my old canoe. Itís going to be task but Iíll find a suitable replacement. I can only hope she lasts as long as tippy did.

Good bye old friend, I will miss you.