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O Canada

Debbie and I were in Canada from Thursday to Sunday last week. We went there to visit my daughter’s in-laws and see the sites of Winnipeg. We had a great time.

One of the attractions and the reason why we chose last week to go is an event called Folkerama. Winnipeg is quite a diverse city as to the nationalities and ethnic groups that reside there. Folkerama is an event that the various groups showcase things about their culture. Each group uses some type of facility which is called a pavilion, such as a school, to feed you with foods specific to their culture and to put on a show. The show is generally dances and songs from their native lands. Our host, daughter’s mother in law, did a very good job of chauffeuring us around and we were able to visit 6 pavilions in the evenings on Thursday and Friday. It was really quite fascinating and we had a great time.

During the day on Friday and Saturday we went to various other sites throughout Winnipeg. Those included the Canadian Mint, De Forks, the capital building, Assiniboine Park which all was quite interesting. We were all pretty much on the go from breakfast to late into the evenings.

Than to top it off, I ran a half marathon in a Manitoba Provincial Park by the name of Bird Hills Park. Once we knew when we were going to Winnipeg, I checked the internet to see if there would be any running events while I was there. To my good luck the Ron Melichuk Half Marathon was on Sunday August 20th.

So on Sunday morning I headed to the Park just north of Winnipeg and ran a half marathon. My finishing time, 2:03:09 was a personal best. The run was very enjoyable and the scenery was too. I am now an international runner.

We will definitely go back again.