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Oops wrong again!

Once again the main stream media got it wrong. In their zeal to try and disgrace the Bush administration rather than waiting for all the facts, they had Cheney, Rumsfield and Rove all guilty of leaking Valerie Plameís identity to reporters. Than the truth comes out and low and behold the administration didnít out the (alleged) top secret agent girl.

If you havenít heard a guy by the name of Richard Armitage leaked the identity to the reporters accidentally. Although he worked for the state department he was by no means a Bush supporter. Do you think we are going to see editorials about how rotten Armitage is? Most likely this recent finding will be barely a blip on the nightly news.

I am pretty sure this incident will not stop the media from pursuing more wild goose chases. The media is hell bent on trying to take down our current administration. I find it rather disgusting to say the least.

As long as I am talking about the media, I canít help but comment on ABCís cowering to the Clintionites. The poor poor members of the Clinton gang were concerned that they might be tarnished a little by the ABC 9/11 documentary. We canít have something like that happen can we? The execs at ABC have cowardly gone back to their offices to edit out items that might shed some light on how missteps by Clintonís staff and Clinton himself could have prevented 9/11. And people say there isnít a media bias.

Someday I hope the news media gets back to reporting the news when the facts are known. Reporting on speculation will most likely only result in getting egg on your face. Just ask Dan Rather.

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