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Fall is the Air

The last few days sure have had that Fall feeling to them. The mornings have been cool and crisp and than when the sun goes down it gets a bit chilly. I have noticed a few trees are beginning to turn.

I would say the Fall is probably my most favorite season. The temperatures are very tolerable. Itís the time of the year that hunting is done. Fishing can be very good too. Plain and Simple I can do just about everything I like to do in the fall.

In just over two weeks from now it will be opening day of duck season. That means I will be getting up well before sunrise and trekking out to a lake called Rathouse. My hunting partner, my son, will accompany me just as he has done for about 10 years now. We will spend several hours in the duck boat hoping to be able to shoot a duck or two.

Following duck hunting it will only be a few short weeks to the deer hunting season. Another family tradition that has carried on for many years. Once again we will be getting up well before sunrise. However this time we will head to individual spots to wait for a chance to get an elusive whitetail.

I look forward to yeas from now when my grandchildren will be able to join us in the woods and on the lakes. There will be a lot of stuff for them to learn about the great outdoors. The family tradition will be carried on.

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