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Another October Surprise

The world of politics gets more repugnant with each election season. Rather than the real issues that affect us, we are being subjected to media frenzy on a matter that may just turn out to be much to do about very little. Will we ever get back to the issues?

It appears that the media and the democrats cannot allow the issues to be the subject of discussion. Once again we have an October Surprise coming from the media and most likely driven by democrat operatives. Last year we had the Rather memo fiasco now this year we have Mr. Foley. I wonder how long ABC and others sat on this story. If the republicans can overcome this latest attack, maybe than the media and others will realize that the majority of us are interested in the issues.

Donít get me wrong Mr. Foley is a sick man. Whether he committed an actual crime is yet to be determined. Hopefully he will get help and if a crime was committed (in my mind one was) he will be punished.

The response of the democrats is predictable and full of the hypocrisy that I know them for. After all democrat politicians are known for soliciting younger sexual partners. We all know about Billy and Monica of course. Not too many know about Mr. Sudds affair with a 17 year old page back in the eighties. In those two cases both continued on in politics. In fact Mr. Studds was promoted to a high ranking committee chairmanship. Than we have Barney Franks. Apparently itís ok to have a gay prostitution ring operating out of your home. Oh yeah he did not know it was going on. By the way he is still in the congress. Enough said.

Whenever there are 500 people in any location, guess what, there is a good chance that a few of them are going to act inappropriately. When that happens they need to be shown the door. The republicans seemed to have grasped that however the democrats seem to think we need to be more understanding.

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