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I am not jumping ship

The doom and gloom media is all giddy about the chance that their agenda to get democrats elected this year just might happen. After all their sponsored polls are projecting the numbers that they want. They may have figured out if we keep saying the dems are ahead just maybe more will believe and we can pull this one off.

The latest poll I saw said the middle class was abandoning the GOP and going to the democrats. Well this is one middle class voter that is not. I know of several others that are not. I know of none that are switching from how they voted before. The poll was sponsored by the AP. Enough said.

I will continue to sponsor the party that bests represents my values and philosophies. I donít see why the successful should be punished, I am pro-life (health of mother would be would be an exception), marriage being a man and a woman, personal responsibility and welfare should not be a career. It is also my opinion the republicans are more concerned about national security and getting a better handle on illegal immigration. I know that all republicans donít fit that bill to a tee but overall they get closer than democrats.

I wish more people could grasp the tax concept. When Regan reduced tax rates, tax revenues increased. When Bush reduced tax rates, tax revenues increased. When Clinton raised taxes tax revenues were going down when he left office. Enough said

There is an effect when you raise taxes on the people who create jobs. Higher taxes take cash away that can be used to expand and upgrade. Rather than money going to manufacturers, suppliers or service providers, who create jobs, it goes to the government. That in a nutshell means no jobs are going to be created.

It just might happen that the democrats do gain control of either the Senate or the House of Representatives or both. Should that happen I will be concerned about the effect it will have on our great country. I will as I do now pray that all goes well. The one thing that the democrats, liberals and the media do now is celebrate when things donít go so well. I will stick by my country and its leaders.

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