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Good Day

This is the description of a great day.

Early in the morning the sounds of my granddaughter woke me from my slumber. I crawled out of bed to take charge of caring for here and let her mom rest some more. No one else is awake yet. There is just me and my granddaughter Mira up and moving.

Mira and I just hung out on the couch for a little bit. She was looking at me with her beautiful brown eyes and me talking to her about stuff like fishing with Grandpa someday. This went on for about 15 minutes or so.

My daughter had a bottle prepared for me and just before she went back to bed she said Mira would want it in a little bit. We went to get the bottle from the kitchen and once she saw it she was ready to drink. It didn't take long for her to consume most of it. Just a small amount of the contest was left when she started playing with the bottle and making noises. We set the bottle aside.

Now it was play time. I sat her up on the rug and watched her. She was quite content in playing with her plastic chain that had attachments like a fish, a hedge hug, a butterfly and a elephant. Of course like most kids Mira's size everything needed to be tasted and chewed on. I just sat back and enjoyed watching her.

Once everyone was up our peaceful morning was now in the past. It was time for me to eat and Mira went off for a nap.

When Mira and I did get up I checked the temperature on the indoor/outdoor thermometer to see if it got as cold as was predicted. It had and than some. The outside temperature was -14. It would need to warm up a bit before I would attempt the 3 mile ran I wanted to do.

At 11:00 another check of the thermometer indicated the temp to be at 0. It was than warm enough for a run. After a little bit of stretching and putting on the layers of clothes I headed out for a short run. There is nothing as peaceful as running in the country. The view and the sounds are so much better than the city. In fact there was this new sound. You see when it's as cold like 0 the snow has a squeak to it when step on it. As I ran it reminded of the beat of a song I knew but for the life of me I cannot remember the name. I still can't and it will bug me until I figure it out. I completed the 3 miles in my usual 30 minutes but it seemed shorter in distance and time. I guess I was kind of oblivious to what I was doing and it sure didn't even feel like it was 0 outside.

Wait that is only the begining there is even more. Heck I am only through half the day. I need to have luunch yet.

Okay lunch nothing specal and it did not take that long, It was time to go fishing. When I go fishing it is more like meditating than fishing. Basically my meditation is interrupted occasionally to catch a fish. The lake I fish would no be the lake that a person could count on if they wanted to survive on eating fish. It is however a lake that does not attract a lot of people to distract you while you are trying to fish. However this day I did catch enough fish for a meal.

When it was dinner time I left my little ice shelter and headed in. Dinner was a delicious apple stuffed pork loin that my daughter had made. I enjoyed that along with potatoes and carrots. A very good dinner after a long day.

I did go back out to meditate for a few hours after dinner. This time no fish interrupted my meditation.

I made it back too the house in time to say good night to my granddaughter and than watch a little TV.

A great day.


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