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It's Back

My faith in Mother Nature has been restored. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to move up to the NW Territory to find winter. Winter type weather has found its way to the tropics of Minnesota.

Over the last week or so we have returned to normal winter weather. The temperatures have been below 0 off and on. There have been a few snow falls. All the stuff you can expect in a winter.

There a numerous people happy about this besides me. A number of winter events were on the brink of being cancelled. A fishing contest that attracts thousands of people to stand out in the middle of a lake and try to win one of about 10 prizes. In St. Paul they have a winter carnival that attracts a large number of people came close to canceling some of their events too. So happiness is abounding here in the great state of Minnesota.

For me it meant that I could go out ice fishing without worrying about ice conditions. It sure is a lot more fun when the possibility of falling through the ice is eliminated. It sure beats sitting around and watching TV too.

I also enjoy running outdoors this time of year. It takes a bit longer to get ready due to putting 3 to 4 layers of clothing than just the shirt and shots in the summer. I find it more comfortable to run in the winter Because of the cold it’s easier to dress for comfort. There is a drawback now and than, I did have to wait until 11:00 to run the other day. It was 11:00 when the temperature reached 0 after being -14 when I was up at 7:00. The other is an occasional icy spot to avoid. I may look like Kenny from South Park with my hooded pullover, but I am happy to be outside.

Yes normalcy has returned.


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