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Number 5

I have gone and ahead and chosen to subject myself to a long duration for physical exertion. My application to run Grandmas Marathon is in the mail. This will be my 5th running as long as training goes according to plan.

On Feb 12th feel free to follow my progress as the trek to the marathon goes on for 18 weeks. Oh there won't be daily posts but there might be just 2 or 3 in a week's time frame. I will try and give some perspective on what my ordeal is like both physically and mentally. I anticipate running about 650 miles during the program.

Many ask why I do this? The only answer I can come up with is because I can I guess. I like to run. As with any hobby one likes to display the efforts of his tribulations. This is my way of displaying to myself that I am a runner. So off I go once again.

Anyone who would want to help me on the race course, your efforts would be appreciated. A fellow runner who succumbed to injury and was unable to run and my wonderful niece and a friend of hers helped me last year on the course. You know how to find me so just let me know.


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