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Oughta be

There ought to be a law.

No one can announce inkle or hint that they are running for President until Jan 1
of the election year.

If you are not within 30 yards of passing a car you cannot be in the left lane and
you had better be overtaking said car within seconds.

You cannot tell the order taker at the fast food place to wait a second so you can finish
your call on the cell phone.

This one for woman, if the rack of clothes is not your size move on.

You cannot spit while in a running event unless you look twice over you shoulder.

You're in a movie theater shut the heck up.

Don’t throw that cigarette out into my world.

If your bulge droops over your waist band so you can’t see your waist band, cover it up.

That's a few things that bother me more than just a little bit.


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