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My thoughts on the war

Before it is over the democrats and even some republicans have declared defeat. From my perspective they have chosen to join the enemy. It is a sad time for the United States and I am afraid the consequences in the long run will be devastating.

There is no doubt in my mind there is celebration in parts of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other places terrorists hangout. They have achieved their objective. The terrorists are kind of like those pesky mosquitoes we have here in MN. They pester you long enough and you retreat indoors. The terrorists have succeeded in being pesky enough to get the weak to cave in. Or another way the bullies got want they wanted. The weaklings have given up.

I have no problem in admitting mistakes have been made in the war but I have yet to hear specifically what anyone else would have done differently. Some say we should have never gone. However I can find quotes from many of those that said Saddam must be removed months or years prior to that. It's easy to be a backseat driver but when it is your responsibility tough decisions have to be made, even if it is not a popular decision.

In my opinion a war with Iraq was inevitable. Sadam Hussein was stashing money away by the millions. Do you think he was going to use that money on cigars and women? Only the naive can say that Saddam was not going to be a threat to our country or the world for that matter.

So ok now what?

Well I think we still need to pursuit helping the Iraqis build up their forces to the point that they can maintain control of the country. The media only reports on the areas in which there is violence but they fail to report where there is not. There is no violence over the majority of the country. A lot of those areas are being maintained by only Iraqi forces. It can be done.

The plan that was put together by the commander of our forces should be given time to see if it does have an impact. The commander that was approved and confirmed by senate overwhelmingly. It would be like sending a kid to the store to buy something and than closing his account before he gets there. This is not the time to turn and run with our tail between our legs.

I find it disheartening that people want to give up after so many have fought so hard to achieve a safer world. My heart goes out to the families of not only the people who lost loved ones but to the families and the military persons who fought for us. Not only in Iraq but all the wars prior to this one. Unfortunately I see too many people who have let hate for the president cloud their judgment.

My vision for the future is pretty blurry at the moment. If the antiwar people succeed in giving up and relenting to the terrorists than I believe America will suffer. I certainly hope if that is the case, I will not be able to post an “I told you so” piece. I do not believe the current state politics is going to help.

I will continue to pray for better things. I certainly want that for my grandchildren and there grandchildren.


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ok Righty, you are a great guy with great perspective. But.....I would ask you to look at the Powell doctrine http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0IBS/is_1_28/ai_82351481
There is much debate about it for sure but if you read the steps he talks about and the discussion by this author in the link, I think you will see many of these steps are quite reasonable. I was in Vietnam. I was deathly afraid we would go in. We would ignore what we learned. We did. I think I know the reason. Lack of a draft and lack of a pay as you go.
I don't like leaving this bill to my children.WE should pay it NOW if we want to stay. I don't. My son is in Iraq. I want out. Been there done that.

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