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Remember Me?

Okay an update of what is going on in Tim’s world.

The grandchildren are growing quite rapidly. Let’s see the big guy is now over 2 yrs old. Looking forward to going fishing with grandpa and catching a few snakes to show grandma and his mother. Than there’s bubbly and happy go lucky granddaughter who isn’t quite so little anymore. She is getting around quite well and as every young person does goes for the gadgets that she knows are to be left alone. Last but not least is the little guy. He is still quite content to lie around and observe the world around him. Grandkids, priceless!!!

All of the adults in this family are doing just fine. The guys are doing their best to stay out of trouble. However trouble just seems to find us or is that the ladies just think we are trouble. It’s one of those two. The women are just as perfect as they always have been. Enough said.

Myself I have signed up for another Grandmas Marathon. Hopefully training goes well and I will complete my fifth marathon. Not sure if this will be my last one or not. I enjoy running however training for a marathon can seem like work now and than. Of course if one of my grandkids or another relative would like to join me I would definitely come out of retirement. I am sure I will be giving periodic updates on my progress every now and than.

Our good old Minnesota weather is just as unpredictable as ever. We came close to having a pretty much snowless winter until March that is. Just about 2 feet of snow fell in a week during March. That is about 12 inches more than the months from November to through February. Shortly after the March snowfall it shot up to 81 degrees. Than came the freeze of the first week of April. You have to wonder what the birds think.

There are few other things to look forward to this year other than my marathon. Two of the grandkids will have their 1st birthdays. The Bryant family reunion is at Bill’s this year. Which in the past means a cold front will be coming through the last Saturday of April. Oh and yes I will turn 50 this year. I just love those AARP notices I receive. Of course there will be the usual things to do too.

I wish everyone well and be sure to call me if you want to go fishing, hunting and or running.


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