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Back in the saddle

A few quick things to get this blog thing back in business. I have kept stuff bottled up inside far too long.


I know I have bashed the media before but doggone it they just keep on irritating me. The most recent case that irritated me was and is still ongoing the coverage of the bridge collapse on I35W.

Why do the news anchors need to fly to sites in which the tragedies happen. They still have the reporters doing the stories. I don't see the need to being in front of the camera doing the news reports on a stage at the site of a tragedy. Wait that’s it. A photo op. Got it.

The other day I am listening to the radio and the two hosts are talking about revovering the last two victims. One host says "will apparently there’s more than those two". He says, without any comment on the source, he heard that there are some people who are unaccounted for. There lies my problem about the media, unsubstantiated speculation. Unless you know the facts jack, shut up.

Let us think about that statement made by the radio guy. They have been down in that river for about two weeks. Every single body pulled out has been one of the persons that were known to be missing. I find it hard to believe if there were unaccounted people that not a single one would have been found before the last known missing person was found just the other day. Oh how I would like to grab someone by the neck and …..


Speaking of photo ops. If there is a tragedy you can expect a parade of politicians to come through for there photo op and a parting shot at the opposing party.

The presidential election is well over a year away. Can you just leave us aloneuntil at least 08? Although Sen. Obama’s wife did have a pretty good comment “if you can’t run you own house, how can you run the white house”. I would rather see the politicians working in Washington. Here is a novel idea work as hard in Washington as you do to get yourself on TV.


Hey folks they are here illegally. They are breaking the law. I don’t think we should be choosing which laws to enforce and which ones we don’t. Others have worked through the system. Do it right or get the heck out.

Ahhh that feels better. Enough for now. I don't want to use up all my stuff in one post.

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