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I am quite surprised that grandparent is not one of the definitions for joy. Spending time with my 3 grandchildren is more enjoyable than I imagined. I cherish every joyful moment with them.

The oldest Sean is grown so fast and is becoming quite the boy. He has gone fishing with me on a couple of occasions now. He might not be the most patient but that will come in due time. He accompanied his dad and I on a duck scouting trip. He chatted with us about ducks, birds and other outdoor stuff while we moved about in the boat looking for places to set up a duck blind. Now he talks about going hunting with Papa Tim. How sweet is that? He has a ways to go before we get into a lot of the outdoor stuff but the seed has germinated.

My granddaughter is quite the precious little thing. She has the cutest smile and cute eyes to go along with it. Mira is definitely a babe magnet when I have her at a ballgame or some other public place. She likes to be free and on her own quite a bit. You might get to hold her but it wonít be for long. Next year will be when we start working on the joys of fishing. I think the chances for me to get her into hunting are slim but I am up for the challenge. If she is anything like her mother I know for sure that Iíll have another precious fishing buddy.

And then there is the youngest, Kyle. This guy just might be the most adventurous one of the three. You cannot take your eye off of him. He can disappear in seconds. He has a crawl that would make any drill sergeant proud. He crawls like a good solider and is not only fast but very stealth too. I donít think his dad and I will have any problems in having him join us outdoors. The problem might be when we get him out there might just be trying to keep up with him. I look forward to seeing this guy grow up.

Yes indeed my pride and joy in a nice bundle of three at the moment. Will there be more? I sure wouldnít mind.


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