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A chase

There was a cat and mouse chase at my office today. I was the cat and the mouse was a mouse. I have to give the mouse a lot of credit he was good at it. I was actually a bit somber after it ended so tragically for the little fella.

It all started in my office right near my trash can. I thought I saw something dart in behind it. Was it my imagination or a hallucination? No it wasnít either it was a beady eyed mouse looking up at me. As we stared at each me thinking okay now what? The mouse most likely thinking something like holy crap Iím in trouble thatís one big monster up there. The chase was about to begin.

A couple of rounds around the trash can a quick dash under the credenza, back to behind the trash can. A few futile attempts at stomping on him in there somewhere. Okay this wasnít going to be easy. I better warn the women in the office.

As I am about to leave my office our receptionist comes into view and the mouse too. He was escaping and then a scream. No need for the warning now the siren went off. Okay the women in the office are now aware a mouse is on the loose.

I ask for assistance in surrounding the little guy. I am met with ďare you nuts, get himĒ. Off he goes behind our plan copier then under the cubicle wall and under my assistantís desk. Yes another scream. Thanks for letting me know where he is. Could you maybe stand over there and chase him back to me if he comes out. Another ďare you Nuts! There he goes under the next cubicle over to the wall behind the postage machine. This was getting to be a bigger ordeal than I wanted.

Okay where did he go? A scream and another scream. I guess he is on the move again. Off down the hall he went and entered another office. Bad move fella I can cut you off now. Itís going to be me and you alone in the office. I shut the door and barricade the bottom. There was no escaping me now. I chased him out into the open and he headed for the door. Door was blocked and he had to stop ďWhackĒ the mop handle ended it. I wrapped him up in a bundle of Kleenex and took him out to the trash bin. It was very anti climatic to say the least.

The women in the office were safe. Life as we know it went back to normal. Well maybe not quite normal there are a few people who are afraid the little fellaís brothers and sisters may come looking for him. Looks like an opportunity for a little fun.


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see the need for a cat. It would taken less time for the cat to get the mouse and you would have more time for work.

Yes a cat would be good. It could also be a stress reliever. You know grab it by the neck and shake it all about. Good idea.

Okay PETA folks it's just a joke.

Very funny.

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