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No Butts About.

If youíre a smoker and are reading this GOOD. This little rant might even make Al Gore happy which is the least of things that I want to do. People who smoke need to either dispose of their butts in an ashtray or up their butts.

Seeing mindless idiots that toss their butts willy-nilly out their car windows or on the sidewalk prior to entering a building should be hit upside the head with a 2 x4. I am curious as to what they are thinking. Obviously theyíre not. Maybe we should get rid of restrooms and deposit our waste anywhere we feel like. Someone please tell me why these imbeciles think they can just drop their butts anywhere they feel like it.

I have not been a big fan of smoking bans being imposed on private businesses. A business should have the right to cater to whatever clientele they choose. Everyone has the right to choose where they want to spend their dollars. Letís not ban smoking but hey smokers keep your butts to yourself.

If smoking is that bad for us that big brother has to impose all these restrictions on us than why allow it all. Make it illegal for godís sake. Wait a minute smokers generate revenue so we canít get rid of it can we. Think about it for a minute though. A big outcry is that smokers have significantly more health problems. So the loss in tax revenue would be offset by savings to our government controlled healthcare system. Wait a second; I am jumping the gone a bit on the last statement. Thatís a rant yet to come. Sorry I digressed.

If you smoking idiots, fools, etc. want to continue to slowly kill yourselves please do it a bit more discretely.


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