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Where do these idiots come from?

Some idiot out there goes and beheads a duck. Not a wild duck but a tame duck. Not out in the country smack dab in the middle of the city. What has this world come too?

An event like that might just get those who are against the death penalty to change their minds. Do we really want these kind of people to procreate. I donít think so.

So if we canít give the idiot the death penalty what would be an appropriate punishment? Let me throw out a few of my thoughts; put him in the middle of a PETA convention and lock the doors, make him do the duck walk while making quacking sounds as the super bowl halftime show, handcuff him tape is mouth open and lay him in a cage with oh letís say a couple hundred ducks and geese. Okay thatís a few of my thoughts.

By the way if you didnít hear "he is a government employee". I think I just answered my question.


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