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The Gray Ghost Run



An event that will be remembered forever occurred on Saturday October 27th. My grandson and I completed the Gray Ghost 5K event in Anoka, MN.

We were dressed in costume. My grandson was dressed in a monkey costume and was Curious George because I was dressed as The Man In The Yellow Hat. Several people commented “You guys look awesome or Great Costume” as we waited for the race to start. During the run we heard shouts of here comes Curious George and the man in the yellow hat. It was quite a neat sight to see little kids pointing at us and seeing the big smiles on their faces. We didn’t win the costume contest but we sure give it our best.

I pushed my grandson in a running stroller for the entire run. I believe he enjoyed the ride quite a bit. I was quite surprised that it wasn’t really that difficult and I don’t think my pace was that far from my normal pace.

Our finishing time was right in line with a 10:00 minute pace. That is the pace I have been running pretty consistently over the last few months. I was very happy with that time.

I am now looking forward to next year’s running of the Gray Ghost 5K. I am thinking and hoping that there will be three in the event next year. It shall be me, grandson # 1 and my granddaughter. Over the next many months I will be thinking about what we will be in 2008.

All in all it was a great day and for sure it will be remembered forever.




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