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Boo who

Halloween was a bust. I was so disappointed. I donít think we had more than 30 trick or treaters stop by. Simply put, bummer.

I was dressed as ďThe Man in the Yellow HatĒ. My hope was to laugh it up and have fun with all the little goblins. It was a good plan but wasnít able to execute. Very few of the trick or treaters were little goblins. The big goblins just donít appreciate adults trying to have a bit of fun. Basically it was give me the candy and off to the next stop. A few of the adult observers did comment on my effort to enjoy the festivity of Halloween.

I guess the years of having close to a hundred goblins are long gone. Kind of reminds of the song American Pie. Instead of it being the day the music died I think it was the night that Halloween died. I will hold out hope for next year.

Maybe next year I will dress up as Linus in the great pumpkin patch. That way when no one shows up Iíll be able to say I did right.


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