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Grandpa Update

Might as well start with grandson number 1. Hard to believe he is going to be 3 this coming February. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I gave up my bowling night to sit around for about 5 hours waiting for him to born. The once little on the pudgy side baby is becoming quite a lean machine.

Sean likes to be outdoors and that is a great thing. I think he is going to be an avid fishing and hunting buddy to his grandpa. I asked him what he thinks Santa might bring him this year. First thing he mentioned was Legos and when I asked him what else? His response was “A gun”. My response was I think you are going to have to wait until your at least 10. His comeback was 5. Pretty sure I am right on that one. He talks about fishing and hunting quite a bit. I can only imagine the memories to come.

Next in line is my precious granddaughter. Of course girls are all precious but she is just a bit more precious than the others. Like here older cousin she is also taking on a more lean shape as she grows. She is quite the cute little girl that’s for sure.

Just like her mother was at that age she has this guy wrapped around her little finger. How can I not give in to her when she looks at me with those sparkly eyes? She can be quite mischievous at times. Which reminds me a lot of her mother too. She pushes things to the limits and than gives you the cutest smile as to say “What me causing trouble? Can’t be”. I think she is going to carry on her grandpa’s sense of humor.

Then comes grandson number 2. Just a few days before his first birthday. The changes that occur during that first year are amazing. He certainly has changed from that little 5 pound bundle that came last December.

Kyle is pretty much on the go constantly while he is awake. There is no need to worry about him holding his own when it comes to big brother. He has already begun to stick up for himself and claim his turf when it needs to be. Than judging by his climbing skills at the moment he might scale Mt. Everest by the time he is a teenager. I have never seen a little person climb like that. All in all, the littlest one is going to be just fine.

Although I know when the time comes I will say gosh these guys grew up way too fast. Right now it seems like it’s so far away to the point that my treasured ones are grown up. So you can be sure that in-between I will cherish every moment.


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I'm pretty sure that I'm right with: He can have a gun when he's 12! :)

How about a compromise. 10 1/2? And that would be just an air rifle. A hunting rifle at 12

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