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Why bother

The question for today is am I a bad person? Am I wrong for getting all up in a dither for people being downright idiots? If someone does stupid things why should others risk their lives to help the idiots?

Over the last two weeks two people have fallen through thin ice on a lake near the Twin Cities. For the life of me I cannot think what thee two idiots were thinking. Pretty obvious I guess they werenít. You got to wonder if they are capable of it. It has to be pretty doggone cold for several days before the ice is safe enough to ride a snowmobile onto it or even walk on it.

The reason I asked if I am a bad person is because when I talk to people about it, I comment on that itís too bad they were rescued. Fortunately no one was injured or lost their life going in after the two idiots. In my opinion each individual should be punished somehow. My thought on the first guy, who was going to out fish, should lose his license to fish forever. The second who was out snowmobiling should lose the snowmobile. Of course I am being facetious with my comment on the rescue but it makes me mad.

It worries me that these people might procreate.

Have a nice day and please be smart.


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I agree with you.


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