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Winter Wonderland once again

Finally after so many brown decembers this year we are looking like the winter wonderland that Minnesota is known for. This month we have had 3 measurable snow events. The weather people call them events now. I think you would be hard pressed to find a December in the past 5 years or so where there has been more than 1 event. Certainly won’t have to sing I am dreaming of a white Christmas.

The temps have been way down there on a couple of occasions to. In fact it has not been above freezing since the 26th of November. Ah yes life is good in Minnesocold.

The plan for the weekend is to get out there and fish. The forecasted temperature for the morning tomorrow is -9 and calm winds. Just a little on the cool side. My thinking is that the ice should be about 4 inches thick. Should be able to use a chisel to make an opening to fish. With shelter in tow it should be a good time.

I should be able to get back to my running program now that things have cooled off. There is no need for me to worry so much about heat exhaustion. I will be able to stay hydrated by sucking on the icicles from my mustache or I could grab a chunk of snow, of course I'll be sure it's not yellow. As long as one dresses in layers winter running is rather enjoyable. The key is to take care of business prior to getting dressed.

Have a great winter my friends.


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