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Mistaken Indentity

I recall in my youth we all tried to look and act as young adults to try and get into bars or get into R rated movies. Some even went to the extreme to change IDís. That I did not do but I did try to pass for an 18 year old in Wisconsin a few times. Sorry Mom a few transgressions but Iím still the angel you always knew.

Now as I approach the senior years myself and others my age try to look younger than we are. Amazing how life catches up to us isnít it? I would have jumped at a chance for someone to give me a card that would have allowed me to get into movies or bars. Now I avoid that card with those dreaded letters AARP on it. Times are changing thatís for sure.

The other day a waitress at IHOP asked me if I wanted to order off the senior menu. I was shocked and due to that shock I had no smart comeback. All I could muster was a polite no thank you. I believe my wife and kids had a bit of a smirk on their faces. I really donít blame her. I am a bit gray around the ages and the grandkids were with. So it was an easy mistake being that I am under the average of most Grandpas. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt that had it not been for the grandkids she wouldnít have even asked.

The day will come and probably sooner than I want that I will if not asked order off the senior menu. I hope when that happened the server will ask for ID.

IF you want to comment on this, remember this buckos, ďrespect your eldersĒ


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In the new pictures that you posted (the one called Kyle 1) Kyle looks just like Andy!

I wouldn't take it too personal considering our waitress had leg warmers on her arms! Though it was pretty funny Dad!

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