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Not always routine

I had a non-typical run the other evening. Most of my runs are pretty much routine. For the most part I have set routes that I have developed over the years. Generally I just run along listening to my I-pod and just enjoying the sights. That was not the case on Wednesday.

I started out as normal just trying to get into a nice steady pace. It generally takes me about a mile to get into a good rhythm. That was pretty much the case on Wednesday and than I saw a minivan sitting at the 4-way stop intersection just ahead. My boy scout instincts kicked into gear. The run would continue but doing a good turn had to come first.

When I got close to the van I saw it was a couple of young girls in the car. I told the driver that I would try and push her ahead a bit and then she could turn and go down a small descent in the roadway. She was quite appreciative.

It would have been nice if anyone of the dozen or so drivers around the intersection would have lent a hand but I guess they were 4H rs or jocks maybe. I managed to get them safely out of the way. As I left they shouted out their appreciation and as always my response no problem.

It took awhile to get my back into a good rhythm. I had a hard time getting my breath back but everything did get back to what I would call mediation mode. All was well for about the next 2 miles or so.

Coming up to an intersection I saw a vehicle approaching quickly to make a right turn. I was expecting a rolling right turn so I slowed down. The vehicle stopped a bit further back from the intersection so I figured the driver saw me. I proceeded only to hear the roar of the engine and the car lunge towards me. A quick dodge by me and a quick stop by the driver just in the nick of time kept me from being a hood ornament. It was clear she never looked to the right. After all its winter in MN there certainly should be anyone out running or walking on the streets. Why bother looking! I glared at the driver and I saw she was just as scared as I was. Could definitely see the whites of her eyes. Disaster was avoided but way to close for me.

The next half mile home after that was peaceful. My thoughts were on feeling good that I helped a person in need and lucky to be running on two good legs. Makes you think that no you should never take things for granted.


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